September 18, 2008

Morning Coffee in the Garden

Come to my house on a pretty morning and we’ll have our coffee on the waterfall patio. Hidden away in a little corner, the east-facing patio takes advantage of the sun, creating an idyllic spot for a long, leisurely morning. Listen to the waterfall and watch as hummingbirds, preparing for their upcoming migration, flit between feeders.

A large calla lily grows among the stones in the waterfall. I have divided it numerous times, and more leaves always sprout up from the roots. In the spring, the calla lily blooms a beautiful pristine white. Right now, it’s a proud stand of lush, graceful leaves. If we watch the water edges, we might see a little frog peering back at us from his rock ledge perch just below the water. The gold creeping jenny softens the edges of the patio while sedges and shrubs drip over the water.

Look out across the stream and you’ll see the butterfly garden where the blooms wane with the arrival of fall. The plumes of ornamental grasses sparkle from the backlighting of the sun. The osmanthus fragrans are in bloom, filling the morning air with a heavy, sweet scent. We might also catch a whiff of sweetness from the butterfly ginger blooming in the fragrance garden below the waterfall.

When we’re ready to stroll through the garden, you can choose the path. Through the gable gate, we can see the azaleas and roses repeating their blooms in the cottage garden. Or, we can start in the fragrance garden on our way to the outer gardens. Whichever path we choose, we’ll walk slowly to savor the morning and enjoy the tranquility found in gardens.

Freelance travel writer. My current fiction writing projects include a completed manuscript and several works in progress.

By the way, my name is pronounced fred-ah, not freed-ah. Thank you.

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