Agastache Garden Plan

Check out my story on Agastache for August Blooms for six great plants.

Agastache Garden Plan - copyright 2010 ©Freda Cameron

This design may be used by individual gardeners but not published elsewhere without permission.

Attributes: deer and rabbit resistant; low maintenance; drought tolerant

This design, featured in What's the Big Gardening Idea includes the following plants:
  1. Agastache ‘Summer Sky’ PPAF (2)
  2. Zones 8-10 (testing in zone 7b) 24” high x 24” wide
  3. Agastache ‘Golden Jubilee’ (2)
  4. Zones 5a – 9b 36” h x 24” w
  5. Agastache ‘Salmon & Pink’ (1)
  6. Zones 5-10 36” h x 20” w
  7. Agastache ‘Heather Queen’ (1)
  8. Zones 5-10 18” h x 15” w
  9. Agastache ‘Purple Pygmy’ (1)
  10. Zones 5-10 16” h x 15” w
  11. Caryopteris ‘Longwood Blue’ (2)
  12. Zones 5-9 48” h x 48” w
  13. Buddleia davidii (1)
  14. Zones 5-9 5 ft h x 4 ft w
  15. Osmanthus Goshiki (1)
  16. Zones 6a-9b 10 ft h x 6 ft w

Special Southern tree:

K. Crape myrtle ‘White Chocolate’ (1) suitable for Zones 7-10, this beauty is small-sized at 8 ft high x 8 ft wide. Mine is still small because I keep it tipped after blooms have finished to give it a mounding shape for the perennial border.

NOTE: Deer resistance varies with herds and food supply. Your experience may be different than mine.

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