September 15, 2008

Garden Inspiration: Who Says Fall has to be Red and Gold?

Through the Web, we are able to share and see what’s going on in gardens around the world and gather ideas for designs. Today’s garden inspiration comes from Brenda in USDA Zone 5, western New York. Brenda describes herself as a compulsive gardener. Her alias is “gottagarden” on the GardenWeb forums where many gardeners are inspired by Brenda’s talent for designing gorgeous gardens.

Brenda provided the following description and photograph of one of her favorite vignettes:

If you are a purple lover, like I am, then you want to extend the use of this pleasing color in all gardening seasons, even fall. Here is the view from my kitchen window in early September. These colors are beautiful from mid August through October, providing a long-lasting display. Forming the background are purple butterfly bushes and the variegated ornamental grass, miscanthus. Butterfly bushes, or buddleia, grow in zones 5-9 and may sometimes die back in winter in the colder regions, only to emerge again in spring. The bushes and grasses add height and structure, even in winter when the leaves and blossoms are long gone. Dahlia bulbs are scattered throughout this garden to add bursts of color in a coordinating shade of purple. Sedum 'Frosty Morn' has variegated leaves and almost white flower heads that add splashes of light to the foreground all summer long, echoing the sparkles of white from the tall miscanthus. This unusual white-flowering sedum is hardy in zones 3-9. Finally, the verbena bonariensis provides a tall and airy veil. This verbena is a heavily reseeding annual that fills in all the gaps and creates waves of violet to tie the vignette together.

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