October 30, 2008

How Do Gardeners Overwinter?

Frost, freeze warnings and snow. Winter has arrived early in many of our gardening zones. The gardener in you prepares your plants for winter. When the weather turns cold, how do you, the gardener, overwinter?

  1. Are you an evergreen who adjusts to the changing temperatures -- actively gardening all year long?

  2. Are you a deciduous type who sheds your gardening gear -- but still needs a daily garden walk?

  3. Are you a houseplant who spends the summer outside -- but finds a comfy winter spot inside by a window?

  4. Are you a perennial who shuts down for the winter-- happy for a break from gardening?

  5. Are you a tropical plant in a tropical zone --merrily oblivious to winter?

I’m a deciduous type because my garden boots, apron and trug will sit idle. I may do a few little things, but I'll be a passive, rather than active, gardener. I will still need my daily stroll through the garden to see what's going on with all of my little plants. It’s a compelling force, no matter the temperatures. I need my connection with the earth.

I’ll get cranky without a bit of sun or light. On sunny mornings, I'll have my coffee on our front porch to absorb the low, southern sun. I will take afternoon naps in our garden room because it is full of windows on the southeast side of the house. It also has a fireplace, so even the dreary days can glow with a little light. I need sunshine and light.

I’ll read books, magazines and catalogs in hopes of emerging with bright, new ideas in spring. I’ll make wish lists of plants. I’ll look through my photos of the garden and start planning what I’ll tweak. I’ll satisfy my creative side by blogging and sketching out designs. I need to feed my appetite for gardening.

Plant or gardener, I suppose Mother Nature gives us winter because we need to restore and replenish our energy for the next growing season.

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By the way, my name is pronounced fred-ah, not freed-ah. Thank you.

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