November 5, 2008

Gardens in Art: A Tribute to Artist Eleanor Seng

By Stephen Moore

Eleanor Seng was a Chapel Hill, North Carolina artist known for her expressive color. An art teacher for many years, she introduced countless individuals to the world of art, teaching not just technique but something of what it means to have the spirit of the artist. Many of her students have become professional artists, and two of her sons are professional artists. She studied at Wesleyan College in Georgia with Emil Holzhauer, who was a student of Robert Henri. True to the philosophy of the Ash Can school, Eleanor put life into her art that is imbued with brilliant color and the strength that derives from her traditional training.

Eleanor's interest included landscape, portrait, figurative, and still life. Her work can be found in many private and corporate collections around North Carolina. Eleanor was also associated with the North Carolina Craft Gallery in Carrboro, NC.
Eleanor Seng was my mentor for fifteen plus years. My relationship with her, and art too, began when I was in the fifth grade taking community art classes in a dusty old Victorian house. She taught me and many others what we know about art, art history, and so much more.

Eleanor Seng passed in 2008 and will be missed by many.

To see additional art by Eleanor Seng, please visit Tarheel Gallery.

The Gardens in Art series features North Carolina artists

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