November 21, 2008

Technology Time: Martha's Photo Albums

by Freda Cameron 

What does technology have to do with Martha Stewart's photo albums?

Every morning, I make my "blog rounds" to see what topics are posted by other gardeners. Yesterday, in the "Gardening Gurus" section on my blog, I noticed Japanese maple trees listed in the headline for Martha's blog. Interested in maples, I headed over to read The Martha Blog. Martha posted 170 photos that she took at the gardens owned by Michael and Judy Steinhardt. The gardens include 400 cultivars of Japanese maples. Great photos! As engrossed as I was in perusing the photos of gorgeous maples in a stunning setting, something else drew my attention.

Martha is generous. There is a ShareThis® link on Martha's blog. Hoping that double chocolate coconut cookies would be shared with me (I saw the cookies right there in the "Cookie of the Day" gadget), I clicked on the icon.

Several options were presented to me:
  • Social Web
  • Post
  • Send/Email
I decided to "Post" on this blog. I was given the option to "Publish" or "Save as Draft." Being cautious, I chose to save the html code as draft. Sure enough, the code generated a blog post, here on my blog, with the title "Martha's Photo Albums" and inserted the links below:

Martha's Photo Albums

Posted using ShareThis

Clearly, some cookies were shared, but they were electronic, not double chocolate coconut!

Before you click on the link to Martha's Photo Albums, realize that is the link to all of her albums. You'll see the photos of the Victoria Secrets Underwear Models along with the maple trees. I modified the link to open in a new window. I modified the post title to add "Technology Time." Other than that, it was automatically generated code.

I suppose Martha's philosophy is that sharing with others is a good thing. Okay, I'll share, too.

Just think--like a maple tree, garden bloggers can branch out! If all garden bloggers share and branch, we can eventually take over the Internet world. And, it will be green!

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