January 24, 2009

Since I Missed the Boat, I'll Have to Swim...

... to the desert island with my three plants!

A few days ago Shirls Gardenwatch threw out this challenge to garden bloggers:

If stranded on a desert island…what three plants would you take? Given the criteria ‘no limits to growing conditions whatsoever’ and with the assumption that food was on the island this completely opens up the game.

Since this "desert island" has no growing limitations, then my imagination is my only constraint.

I'm going to add to the assumption that there are no hungry deer or bunnies in the plant utopia! And, in a perfect garden, there are no Japanese Beetles, please!

Leaving the destructive critters behind, I'll bring fragrant roses, tall hollyhocks and nasturtium seeds. I want to grow a little cottage garden by my little grass shack. Since I have only a rose or two here, I have no photos of my other dream plants!

For all else, I assume bartering will be fun. Since other gardeners are bringing willow trees, I'll trade roses for branches to weave a little willow fence. I'll trade nasturtiums for rosemary for cooking. I'm sure we can trade all sorts of other floral bouquets, too. Maybe one of you will even let me sit under your shade tree for an afternoon.

See you on the island!
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By the way, my name is pronounced fred-ah, not freed-ah. Thank you.

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