September 8, 2009

Garden Inspiration: Planter with Petals... No Pedals

This fantastic bicycle planter caught my attention on a recent trip to Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Propped against a big shade tree in front of a garden shop, it looks perfectly placed and perfectly suited. On close inspection, you'll see that there are no pedals. Is it intentional? A thief could ride off with the bicycle planter if the pedals were on the bike!

Do you suppose that this may not be a real antique bike, but rather a replica intended to be a planter? I know nothing about antique bicycles. I controlled myself and didn't look at the price and I didn't ask about it at the garden shop. Nonetheless, I think it's a fabulous planter!

What's in your garage? A gardener with the right old bicycle, the right old shade tree, could have a right pretty planter filled with flower petals.

Words and photo by Freda Cameron; Location: Blowing Rock, NC; August 2009
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By the way, my name is pronounced fred-ah, not freed-ah. Thank you.

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