February 16, 2010

Saving Seed Packets - Art and Information

Watercolor paintings of flowers, herbs and vegetables grace the seed packets from Renee's Garden. These are packets that I really hate to destroy by opening! Nonetheless, I am more excited about the contents.

Renee graciously provided kitchen herb and annual flower seeds for plants to be used in the deer taste test in my garden. We want the deer to dislike the plants so that they can be added to my deer resistant list. I will not send invitations to the rabbits, but they are party-crashers and will horn in on the taste test, too.

While the seed packets are little works of art, the back flaps contain a wealth of gardening information.

Variety and species name
Plant type and bloom season
Planting chart and instructions
Growing, thinning and transplanting notes

There is also a descriptive flap on the back of the envelope that provides a great introduction about the plant. All-in-all, there is more information packed on to these packets than I've seen anywhere. Useful information that I want to keep for my plant documentation.

Between the art and the information, I'd like to preserve these seed packets. I don't want these to end up all muddy and crumpled in my wheelbarrow or garden apron.

I think photo sleeves are a possible solution. A three-ring binder and enough sheets of photo sleeves to store all of my seed packets would be truly organized, but not very portable. A plastic recipe/index card box that can remain with my gardening gear might be a better option.

How do you store your seed packets?

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