September 22, 2010

Farewell to a Sweet Friend

Won By Her Wits
American Greyhound
February 3, 1999 - September 22, 2010
Charm and Richard
September 2009
...during the days that we almost lost her.
She made it another full year. She didn't give up!

Charm made her own racetrack in our meadow

Charm and Chris-- it turned out to be a farewell for them.
August 2010
will always be my "gardening greyhound"

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our sweet Charm today. She bravely fought four years of kidney disease and we kept her going as long as we could with home-cooked meals, medication and lots of love. However, medication could not provide relief from the unbearable pain of bone cancer that she suffered the last few weeks. 

Charm was a retired racing greyhound named Won By Her Wits. We adopted her from Project Racing Home in Randleman, North Carolina in 2003. Carrboro Plaza Veterinary Clinic, especially Dr. Mary Snyder, provided her with the very best care. 

We cannot say enough good things about Charm and the experience of owning a greyhound. She was a very special dog and we'll always remember her.  She is laid to rest overlooking the butterfly garden, between the trees that she used as her racetrack turn. Every morning until the last few days, she walked through the garden with us. We would tell her "Charm, want to promenade" and she always followed along the garden paths, never ever digging up a plant. She did stop and smell the flowers.  

We'll miss her. 
Freda, Richard, Chris and Garrett

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