September 1, 2010

Variegated Obedient Plant

Variegated obedient plant
(physotegia virginiana)
Obedient plant is one of those perennials that has a reputation for spreading aggressively in a garden. I wish!

For three years, I have waited and waited for variegated obedient plant (physotegia virginiana) to create a mass planting. I have three blooms on one clump and one bloom on another clump; no blooms on a third clump.

The variegated foliage is much appreciated in the deer resistant garden, though the deer will definitely eat this plant if they are hungry enough.  At least they allowed me the opportunity to see the beautiful blooms this year, which only makes me want more obedient plant!

According to my research, obedient plant can be grown in zones 2-9, which makes it sound very hardy. The seeds on this variegated variety are sterile, so it does not self-sow.

Last fall, I moved the plants to the part shade of butterfly bushes. That seems to have helped with the blooms, but it probably does well in full sun in cooler zones.

I've not had to stake the 36" high plants. They are narrow enough to fit in among my amsonia hubrichtii with perennial ageratum at the base. Good combinations as the amsonia foliage provides a lovely lush green backdrop until autumn, when it turns a brilliant gold. The buttons of lavender-blue ageratum bloom in late summer and blend well with these spires of lavender.

Do you grow any varieties of obedient plant? Is it behaving or misbehaving in your garden?

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