June 13, 2011

Garden Inspiration: Does This Container Garden Float Your Boat?

Boat planters in Martigues, France. April 2011.
Is there a hole in the bottom of your fishing boat? Well, don't despair—dry dock that vessel! Plant it up with your favorite flowers or veggies.

The display of three boats planted with colorful annuals was spotted during a lunch stop in the French village of Martigues, located thirty minutes southwest from the Marseille Airport. Martigues is on the Canal de Caronte, a waterway that connects the Etang de Berre with the Golfe de Fos and the Mediterranean Sea.

Martigues is made up of three villages, Jonquières, L'Isle, and Ferrières, that merged into one community around 400 years ago. Each boat bears the name of one of those villages.

Context of the setting on Canal de Caronte:
The bronze statues of a fisherman and
his wife (repairing nets) are beside the boat planters.
The three boats reside on a canal waterfront as part of a municipal display. A gardener living on a lake, river or pond might easily translate the boat planter inspiration into their setting. The turquoise paint on the boats reflects the hue of the sparkling canal waters, but could be color-coodinated with a house or flowers.

Could this be an idea for a Fathers' Day surprise—from a gardener to her fisherman/gardener dad or husband?

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