September 10, 2012

Still Here. Writing.

The deer are here, too.

The garden grows and so does my book.  I'm using up all my creative brain cells writing the words for a fiction novel.  Writing eight to ten hours each day over the last eight weeks, I'm revising the novel that I wrote over the last year.  I love writing fiction.  The practice of weaving narration, action and dialog into each scene is rewarding.

My travel experience has provided me with locations for my novel.  The first half of the book is based in Colorado.  The second half is in France.  It's fun to put my characters on the streets and inside the restaurants that I've visited.

My exercise is walking with running intervals.  I come back inside and can't wait to fill novel pages with the scenes that I write in my head while I walk.  I wake up in the morning and write before I read the news.  I edit in the evenings.

Although revising sounds painful, it isn't.  Each time I cut, I believe I'm improving my book.  Today, I cut nearly two thousand words from the ninety-two thousand. Then, I wrote two thousand new words to drastically change three scenes in the book.  I'm sure that I've written more than 300,000 words over the last year.  Writing a novel isn't work to me, but blogging is—for now.

There are weeds in the garden.  Perennials need trimming and spent annuals need to be pulled. Seeds should be collected.  I'll get to it.  Below are a few photos that I snapped with my cell phone.

I'll be back.  I'll blog again.

Thanks for stopping by.

Castor bean is huge from the rain.
Moon vine bloom.
Buddleia from seed. A cross between? Like the color!
Marigolds from self-sown seeds in front of
lantana 'Miss Huff'.

Words and photos by Freda Cameron, Defining Your Home, Garden and Travel. Deer and rabbit resistance varies based upon the animal population and availability of food. All company or product or patented names mentioned are registered trademarks, copyrights, or patents owned by those respective companies or persons.
Freelance travel writer. My current fiction writing projects include a completed manuscript and several works in progress.

By the way, my name is pronounced fred-ah, not freed-ah. Thank you.

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Click Pic for Travel Stories
Paris, France; September 2013

The Musician. My late husband

The Musician. My late husband
Paris 2011